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Introduction of automatic winding machine

Introduction of automatic winding machine


A fully automatic winding machine is a machine that winds a thread-like object onto a specific work piece. Fully automatic winding machine is a new model that has just been developed. In order to meet the requirements of high efficiency and high output, fully automatic models generally adopt multi-head linkage design. Most domestic manufacturers refer to imported machines from Taiwan and other places. This type of design uses programmable controllers as the control core of the equipment, and cooperates with manipulators, pneumatic control components and executive accessories to complete functions such as automatic wiring, automatic foot wrapping, automatic thread trimming, automatic loading and unloading of skeletons, etc. The production of this model High efficiency, greatly reducing the dependence on labor, an operator can look after several such equipment at the same time, the production quality is relatively stable, and it is very suitable for processing occasions with high output requirements.

Scope of application

Electronic toy coils, electronic clock coils, electronic gift coils, electronic lock induction coils, mobile phone vibration motor coils, animal ear tag induction coils, various voice coils for earphones and speakers, card reader coils, ID/IC automatic coin-operating devices Coils, camera coils, digital camera zoom coils, laser head coils, special magnetic head coils, wireless electromagnetic-free mouse and mouse pad coils, automatic coin-operating device coils, hearing aid coils, time attendance machine coils, solar rotary table coils, solar swing Detector coils, coin detector coils, brushless flat motor coils, etc.

Speed ​​regulation mode of automatic winding machine

In order to adapt to the processing technology of the coil, the automatic winding machine needs to be equipped with the spindle speed control function. The winding equipment should be processed by the type and configuration is also different. The types of spindle motors that we are more familiar with include AC motors, DC motors, and servo drives. For these three types of motors, the speed regulation methods used by these motors have their own characteristics.

1. Speed ​​control method of AC motor: This kind of motor has no speed control function. It needs to realize the speed control function through electromagnetic speed control device or install inverter. In winding equipment, we are more common in inverter. Speed ​​regulation mode, through the control system of the winding equipment to control the frequency converter so that the motor has a speed regulation function, this method also has a certain energy-saving effect.

2. The speed control method of DC motor: DC motor needs to convert the supplied power into DC power to drive the motor. Therefore, DC motors are equipped with DC speed control boards or brushless drives to drive and control the motor. Because the size of the motor is small, it is small The application volume is relatively large in winding equipment.

3. Speed ​​control method of servo drive motor: It is a precision moving part suitable for high-precision winding equipment. It can be used with a dedicated drive to achieve closed-loop operation control. The biggest feature of this type of motor is constant torque and closed-loop operation. To meet the processing requirements of high-precision coils.


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Address: No. 9, Chunhui East Road, Yongan Industrial Zone, Xianju, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Sales call:0576-87815555 / 87820555


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