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Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition

Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition


       Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition is the popular name of the Shanghai International Auto Parts Exhibition, maintenance, testing and diagnostic equipment, service supplies exhibition. It is the second largest auto parts brand exhibition in the world after the Frankfurt mother exhibition in Germany. It will be in the National Exhibition Center in 2021. (Shanghai) held.


exhibition criteria

Parts and components: driving systems, chassis parts, body parts, standard parts, car interiors, car exteriors, charging accessories, remanufactured parts, external air quality and exhaust gas treatment, new materials;

Electronics and intelligent networking: electrical appliances, vehicle lighting, electronic systems, comfort electronics, automatic air conditioning, human-machine interface (HMI), intelligent networking, and the Internet of Things;

Supplies and modifications: decoration, car accessories, custom modifications, interior and exterior decoration modifications, communication entertainment, automotive information technology, special vehicle assembly and modification, passenger cars, small multi-purpose vehicle trailers and accessories, and other modification-related products ;

Diagnosis and repair: repair station repair and maintenance equipment, tools, digital maintenance, automotive diagnostic equipment, customized and special vehicle maintenance and repair, trailer equipment, new energy vehicle maintenance equipment, fastening and bonding solutions, waste disposal and recycling , Workshop safety and optimization, maintenance station and distribution point equipment and management, lubricants and lubricants, fluid technology, maintenance station concept;

Dealer and repair station management: repair station/auto dealer/gas station design and construction, dealer marketing and service management, digital marketing, customer data management, network platform, e-commerce and mobile payment, vocational training and high-level training, Skill development, service station and auto dealer marketing, online trading platform and auto/parts/service trading market, auto trade, research, consulting, industry cluster promotion;

Car cleaning and maintenance: car cleaning, car maintenance, vehicle refurbishment and modification, water recycling, water treatment, gas station equipment;

Alternative energy and fuel: energy storage, alternative fuels, ancillary products, concepts related to electric vehicles, rare metals, charging and refueling technology systems, and new service station technologies;

REIFEN (tire wheels): tires, wheel rims, tire repair and processing, tire management systems, tire sales and storage equipment, tire and wheel accessories and storage;

Body and spraying: body repair, spray painting and anti-corrosion protection, spray painting, sheet metal parts, plastic parts, minor repairs of windows, headlights, and wheel rims, and new materials;

Mobile services and autonomous driving: mobile services, autonomous driving, fleet management/rental/enterprise vehicles;

Others: scientific research institutions, business associations, trade promotion agencies, and media.


Pavilion Information

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

North Gate: 333 Songze Avenue, Shanghai

South Gate: 168 Yinggang East Road, Shanghai

West Gate: 1888 Zhuguang Road, Shanghai



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Address: No. 9, Chunhui East Road, Yongan Industrial Zone, Xianju, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Sales call:0576-87815555 / 87820555


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